Our Vision

The God-given vision

This is what I see

Cartoons have become a tool to lure kids and families to compromise morality, self respect, and respecting others.  Cartoons that promote same sex marriages, adult language, and criticizing others religious beliefs is not okay for kids to look at, but is disguised in cartoons and parents are deceived and allow their kids to look at it. This influences our youth to behave like adults before their time.

Movies perhaps will not get away with exposing inappropriate entertainment to our young because our society has set some standard for what is appropriate for minors to see at the movie theater.  Parents are accustomed to making sure their kids don’t go see a rated R movie and that’s great.  Parents should not be deceived when movies are put in the form of a cartoon and take a serious look at the content before allowing their kids to watch it. The reality is that inappropriate content has the same negative effect even in a cartoon.

I see cartoons and comic books in a whole new dimension.  God shared with me that we are in a visual generation.  Cartoons are a visual tool that when used properly and for the edifying of God’s kingdom, it is very powerful.  I will commit to using cartoons and comic books to help our youth to learn biblical truths with positive visual expressions and imagination through the Arts.

Vision Statement

To develop a unique way of learning that will reach a diverse generation bringing about biblical truths.  Our goal is to reach the lost all over the world through our way of ministering.

How the visionary parallels to the Word of God

Isaiah 11:9

When the scriptures share with us the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

It says the earth, not just those who go to church.  The earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord at the work place, Hollywood, politics, entertainment, movies and music.  These are the vineyards that God is sending his people to: Mark 16:15-18.

II Kings 15:34-35

The high places were places in biblical times that God’s people didn’t touch or remove.  But now God has risen up a generation who will go to the high places and tear down the images of Baal.  Confronting wickedness and sin which is at this time in movies, entertainment, politics, Hollywood and business operations.  Just as Jehu at his time, God is raising up people in our time.  II Kings 10:26-28.