• Jay Rapids

    Jay Rapids is a person with great faith. He believes in the impossible. Jay believes that God is able to do anything with his magazine.

  • Jo Barker

    Jo Barker is a man known to be arrogant, self-willed and cocky.

  • Debra Zandria

    Debra Zandria is married and very family oriented. She loves kids and kids love her.

  • Khaled Anthony

    Khaled Anthony is a person who is called by God to lead a team of men and women who are gifted and unique.

  • The Watters

    Miriam and Aaron Watter's are twins in a family that doesn't have a lot. They believe that family is their foundation in a world of divorce, couples cheating, and temptations all around them.

  • Michael Fred

    Michael Fred has the gift of faith. His gift is opening his mouth and decreeing and declaring the Word of God.

  • John Ceasor

    John Ceasor's biological father died when he was small. He grew up not knowing that the man he called 'Father' was not his "real" dad.

  • Richie Sheets

    Richie Sheets has faith by staying in God's righteousness and not sleeping around. Richie was known for being a womanizer and being seductive.

  • Jennifer Hollandzen

    Jennifer Hollandzen and her family have it good. She's blessed because her family is wealthy.

  • Cortez Cornelius

    Cortez Cornelius is the coolest of them all. His dad is always working. His mom is home watching him and his younger sister.

  • Britney Samuels

    Britney Samuels is in a home where her dad left her mom for a younger woman.

  • Alexander Peabody

    Alexander Peabody's parents are a mixed couple. People are having a hard time accepting him and his family of being of mixed cultures.

  • Hannah Grade

    Hannah Grade is a business woman learning to have faith in God by trusting Him in her relationships with others.