About Us

In 1998, Daryl was asked to do a Spanish children’s comic book by a woman he knew.  She told him how she wanted her storyline and characters to be like.  She told him to look at Spanish magazines and books to learn facial features of Spanish cultures.  She made an investment in art supplies and they met on a consistent basis.  As he was drawing the characters and storyline of the characters, he began to notice he liked doing this even though he did not have any prior experience.  He always liked to draw but never was exposed to the depth of drawing characters in a story.

In 1999, the woman died. When she died, so did the vision.  In 2003, Daryl became a barber and brought the drawings of the children’s book to the barber shop.  Someone suggested that Daryl should do his own comic books.

To his amazement, at that time in his life he liked reading the Bible.  The Lord graced him to see the scriptures what we called in the Kingdom of God revelations of the scriptures.

In 2003 the Lord blessed him with the ability to draw pictures of the revelations that God gave him from reading His Word.  In 2005, the Lord spoke to Daryl and said, “This is the gift that I have given you from the beginning of the foundation of the world: a cartoon artist, doing comic books from the bible and cartoons from the characters that I give you.”

After a long process of being misunderstood, making bad decisions, trying to correct those decisions; suffering, and victories this was God’s way of building a kingdom through him and this is what the Lord would have it to be…  The World of Biblical Times.

Mission Statement

To create an alternative form of biblical learning by visual expressions (comic books) and imagination (cartoons) through the Arts.